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RFID Based Asset Management System

Real challenge for companies which manage a large amount of assets is to keep track of critical assets.Large manufacturing companies struggle to keep their inventories minimum without affecting their production line.Logistics companies may relay on fleets and containers for timely cargo delivery.In both the cases the problem is in managing the assets.The common solution is to keep track the assets.RFID can help companies to track and secure these assets.This real time technology takes the asset tracking to next level.
Tranzlogix RFID Based Asset management system uses RFID tags to locate the assets in real time.The location details and other customized details are stored in our server that can be manipulated through our dashboard.Everything from Small Computer Hard disk to Big Mining machineries can be tracked.The advantages of asset tracking system are

  • Quickly locate critical equipment
  • Reduce inventory time
  • Achieve real­time physical inventory of assets.
  • Enhance productivity by remotely monitoring assets and infrastructure.
  • Delivery more timely information for decision making.
  • Improve security by preventing assets from leaving premises and keeping designated assets out of unauthorized areas.