Telematics encapsulated
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GPS based Vehicle Management System

Tranzlogix Vehicle Tracking System is an electronic device installed in a vehicle that transfers all relevant information from vehicle to the fleet management center. The information gives you the answer for the questions like

  • What is the current location of the Vehicle?
  • What is the speed of the vehicle?
  • How many Kms did it make?
  • Where did it stop?
  • What is the fuel status?
And still more.

More than tracking a vehicle we also help to track your valuable assets. Vehicle and asset tracking is done using GPS and GSM technologies. GPS helps in fetching the location and then the location is sent to our system using GSM. You can view the vehicle location and other informations through our web based software.

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking System:
  • Ensure optimal utilization of Fleets
  • Centrally monitor and control
  • Vehicle Performance Analysis
  • Helps in crisis situation
  • Easily locating and engaging Vehicles
  • Emergency help and prevention of losses
  • Reduction in Duplication of work
  • Automatic SMS and Email Alerts
  • Idle Vehicle Alerts