Workforce management solutions that helps to improve the efficiency of
your mobile workforce.

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Mobile Workforce Management System

Efficiency in Workforce management lies in effectively utilizing the field resources. But its a great challenge to control the field workforce from a remote place. There arises the necessity of knowing exactly where your field resources are. Tranzlogix Mobile Work Force Management solution helps to locate your mobile Workforce in realtime. By knowing the location of your workforce you could able to

  • Redirect the workforce to attend emergency customer calls.
  • Avoid workforce taking wrong routes.
  • Improve the safety of your workforce.
  • Improve time management which leads to efficient utilization of resources.

Our mobile solution helps your workforce to be get connected with back office system. An efficient Enterprise mobility is achieved through our solution that provide end-to-end mobile workforce management, delivering integrated forecasting, scheduling, dispatch, mobile and reporting. The mobile workforce field applications transform the way field technicians process orders by taking business processes to the service site and allowing them to complete work on time, every time. These solutions in turn present managers with real-time field data they can trust, and visibility to their workforce progress and status. Reporting, analysis, scheduling, and even long-term planning can now be performed in real-time.